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Oooh has built the world’s first AI content moderation system for fans’ video submissions. Oooh does this all ‘automagically’ for creators, so you can receive and react instantly to videos from your community & feature your favs. Even do it live on stream!

Oh, there’s more👇

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For All-creators. Big and Small. And All-ages.

why is everyone using oooh?

Oooh has set out to change the 🌎 building a social platform that rewards talent, skill, and creativity. We’ve started by introducing the fastest, safest and funnest way for Creators to interact DAILY with people in their communities. We do this with the Oooh app and these things called ‘ooohs’ - see more below 👇


AI that ”AutoMAGICally” moderates video and content submissions

Finally! Safely receive videos from fans. Oooh’s A.I. filters out any offending video submissions before you ever see them. Receive millions of submissions. We’ll scan all of them. We do the heavy lifting! All for free! No one else is doing this…

Reward your fans

Reward Fans with Reacts, Features,
Upvotes, and Ratings

Now that you have all these curated fan submissions... easily add React videos, Feature the best of them in your feed, and apply Ratings (👍 / 👎). Pro tip: do it all while live on stream!

Do this while you also...👇


It’s impossible to shout everyone out. Your time is precious. Save some breath. Use Oooh’s intelligence to smartly filter the love you give 💖.

Know exactly who to target!

Use Oooh’s recommendations and filters to show you who to reward - like your top fans, the most upvotes or top scorer, followers, paid subs you have on other platforms like Twitch, your mods, and, of course, those paying to Boo$t their submissions.


Oooh Creator Fund

We are launching the Oooh Creator Fund at Vidcon 2022. In the meantime, contact us at to become a Partnered Creator and unlock early access to: Boosted Views, Boosted Reacts, and more monetization tools and paid opportunities offered exclusively by us.

Do you have world class talent? We have a unique oooh especially for you. Let us know!


Give your fans something to do!

You host an oooh. Then, they try to beat your score and top your leaderboard. Or, set a Community Goal for everyone to pitch in on! The more they submit, the more XP they get and chances they have to get reacts and features from you! This is your way to help your fans rise up the ranks, and become a Verified Creator too!

Collaborate with
YOUR community

Oooh is the only platform that allows you to create group collab videos.

#Community-source your content! Take all of your submissions and feature the best. Feature hundreds of fans in one video if you want. Oooh is the fastest way to run a contest, host a Q&A, create a new song or dance with fan submissions, or collab to create a whole new genre of Creator+Fan videos.

One-tap Streaming

Oooh is not a live streaming app. But, with one-tap you can use Oooh as a source in OBS or Streamlabs, allowing you to stream your reacts and gameplay live - your whole Oooh experience - to your audience on Twitch, YT, or Facebook live. Create new ooohs, call out challenges and review submissions live! Oooh automatically blocks sensitive content and moderates all the submissions for you.

Seamless integration that works everywhere. Stream to all major platforms 👉

Oooh makes it all so simple

Ooohs are mini-experiences, like games, that are published on Oooh. Creators host them, then fans and friends submit to them. They contain unique technology to validate and verify your submitter's high scores and participation. They are special because, unlike other social media algorithms, ooohs don't care what you look like or how popular (or not) your fans are. They are the fairest, and safest, way to reward fans for what they do.

Don’t worry! Ooohs can be shared everywhere!

You don’t have to choose. Use Oooh as a NEW COMMUNITY CREATION TOOL. Export all your ooohs - with all your fans’ videos you’ve featured + your reacts - to all other social platforms. Download automatically-generated compilation videos to share globally 🌎.

New Oooh Templates are released every week!